Global Citizenship and a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

February 7-10, 2020

Welcome Letter 

Highly esteemed participants of ACMUN’20,


It is a great pleasure to welcome you all, as the President of the General Assembly, on behalf of the organizing team to our third session of ANKU College Model United Nations. We are delighted to be welcoming you to our conference, which will take place from 7th of February to the 10th, in the capital of Turkey, Ankara.


Our mission is to offer everyone an educational and also enjoyable conference that will hold a friendly atmosphere where everyone can express their thoughts without getting judged, make new friends, create new solutions and think of ideas upon crucial problems of our era, improve their communication skills and give first-timers a valuable experience through these 4 days.


This year, we have 5 GA committees, which are Disarmament and International Security, Economical and Financial, Social, Humanitarian and Cultural, Special, Political and Decolonization, and Legal. We also have Economical and Social Council, Security Council, a Special Committee and an International Court of Justice. Keep in mind that the case of International Court of Justice will not be announced until the conference due to the procedure of the court. All agendas of aforementioned committees are related to this year’s theme: “Global Citizenship and (with) a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence.”, and all participants are expected to do necessary research regarding the theme.


You can apply as a/an individual delegate, delegation, student officer, ICJ member or press member. (See also: Applications)


We will constantly be updating the website to submit our progress (deadlines, fat information, etc.) and you can reach all the necessary information about the conference from our website and also from our social media platforms given below. In case you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope ACMUN’20 will be an unforgettable conference to all participants, looking forward to see you in February.



The President of the General Assembly

Theme Letter 

For many years of civilization, expected power differences and inequalities caused violence among individuals and even between communities. When individuals resort to violence in order to gain power, this situation damaged the peacefulness of the society in almost an irreversible way, conflicts occurred and reforms were needed. After people noticed the damage induced by violence, they have been acting to solve this problem. They created governments and laws in order to administer societies. They reformed regimes and developed their governments to bring peace back. In defiance of these efforts in the process of time, due to some gaps in the management theories, violence occurred in many ways. Because of several reasons violence is still a significant issue and happens in various forms. As governments develop and societies evolve, types of violence diversified. Physical, sexual, psychological, cultural and many more according to the different regions and situations. For example, currently in the USA above 1 in 3 women and more than 1 in 4 men report having experienced rape and physical violence. Nowadays people have been taking actions in order to create peaceful societies with non-violence and provide them with equality without discrimination. Humans have been discriminating each other while they are trying to retrain the authority. In order to support non-discrimination, people made numerous equalising reforms and revolts throughout history.


As a solution to the current situation in society, every living human being must aware of global citizenship and adopt this idea to their lives. Which is like in our theme "Global citizenship and a culture of peace and non-violence" this year in ACMUN'20. Global citizenship is basically considering the rights of other people and being a member of the world. Global citizens should respect the differences and embrace them as dignity, take the responsibility of their actions, participate in community and contribute by their works. In this way, if we can develop ourselves individually and become a global citizen, we can solve almost all the global problems that we have at the moment. However, it is not possible to transform everyone into a global citizen in a short time period. In order to fulfill this theory, a long term plan must be established. Executives must cooperate in order to understand each others’ cultures and other situations. Societies should be educated with the necessary curriculum changes or even by deep education system reforms because it seems so obvious that the current education system is not enough to manage global citizens from the rising generations, also the education system shouldn’t determine to create non-productive pawns. Thus and so, unity among different people, cultures, thoughts and genders can be provided. This is the main reason that we have to develop a plan to create global citizenship.


This is what we are requesting our esteemed delegates to come up with resolutions, write beneficial solutions with their creative ideas based on the theme. Primarily, we should focus on enlightening people about global citizenship. Especially about the responsibilities of a global citizen and how these ideas can make our world a better place. As I mentioned, education is a way of raising awareness, also media plays a significant role. We have to support cooperation among individuals and executives, in this way we can accelerate the process. Citizenship is something more than national, it is meant to be something global and we have to unite in order to spread this idea in every nation and explain to them that equality is always possible despite all the differences we have. At the end of the day, we are all human. I also would like to explain the reason that people are violating each other in many ways and how the term violence developed as time progresses. The main reason for violence can be traced back to a natural instinct, which is survival. In order to survive the most basic need is power and a primitive human brain can only think about one way to have it, which is humiliating and make the others vulnerable. Especially making this with physical ways is the easiest way for someone thoughtless. This is how it all began, through the years with the development of science, art and the idea of independence, people fought for their liberty. The idea of democracy and equality was adopted by almost all regions. People started to think productively and come up with better solutions in every other day. Even if societies’ thoughts have improved, we are still dealing with violence. We shouldn't stop until we find the best solutions and find a way to put them in action. I as the Secretary-general on behalf of the organization team, it will be a great pleasure to see you at our conference. We are looking forward to seeing your highly efficient solutions.

Best regards.




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