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-The Nagorno Karabakh Conflict

     After the fall of the Russian Empire, ethnic Armenians and Azeris formed their new countries: Armenia and Azerbaijan. Since then, the Nagorno-Karabakh region has remained a question mark between the two countries. Even if the region was an Azerian border officially, it was being controlled by Armenia until the last few months. Several wars took place between two nations throughout history, but none of the sides could put an end to the issue, with a healthy and long-lasting ceasefire or agreement. The first intervention took off, after approximately 25 years. Several countries had involved in the issue, thousands of people got killed including civilians, many villages had raided, attacked, and bombed. Sides signed ceasefires, broke them up in hours. At the end of this chaos, on the 10th of November; Armenia accepted the loss, after the fall of Shusha to Azerbaijan. A new ceasefire is signed and today, Russia has its peacekeeping forces in the area.

Now, the region is in peace; but it seems like the case is not closed. 

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